Signs Of Water And Condensation: How Business Owners Are Setting The Stage For Commercial Plumbing

byAlma Abell

Commercial property owners are not also adept at fixing plumbing problems. The biggest frustration, for many, is the lack in difference between a small plumbing issue and a large one. The symptoms are often the same when it comes to a small issue, such as the replacement of a drain cover, and a large issue, such as a block deep within the drainage. But, there are signals for larger problems. Pipes don’t just break. Clogs don’t “just happen.” There are ways in which these large and small problems offer signals as to their conditions.

A Sign of Moisture

The first step towards early diagnosis is to spot for signs of moisture. It’s actually quite simple. It will require one to use a little more than their eyes. Some moisture spots are subtle and hard to see, so it is needed to run a hand on the surface to detect for moisture. Commercial Plumbing experts may use more advanced technology and a more strenuous method, but this is a new preliminary start.


Commercial owners should remember that there is a difference between moisture that is unintended and moisture that is condensation- and intended. Condensation is arguably more common in commercial properties because of the need to maintain the air for longer durations and at lower levels for the comfort of the customers (and maybe the larger buildings). The air-conditioner impacts the pipes. Because they are exposed, the pipes under a sink may become slightly wet. The piping should be examined, by touch, multiple times a week and at different times.

Of course, these symptoms may never occur. There are times where things just do happen, though it isn’t necessarily common. The best way around this calamity is to have a Commercial Plumbing resource in mind. A professional at Drain Remedy Inc. can be on speed-dial to fix small issues and large issues as they come up. If the issue is small, the charge will be nominal. But, the professional is on reach in case the issue is large. The company will work with client’s for repayment, especially if they have a long-term and active relationship.