The Elegance Of A Long Summer Cardigan

The Elegance of a Long Summer Cardigan With the arrival of summer, the task of assembling an elegant yet comfortable wardrobe can become a challenge. While the heat suggests that we discard our heavier winter clothing, the fluctuating temperatures characteristic of summer evenings and air-conditioned interiors necessitate us to rethink. This is where the lovely, […]

Cardigans Every Woman Needs One (Or More)}

Read More About: Cashmere Jackets Buy Cashmere Coats Cardigans Every Woman Needs One (or more) by SmarteBusiness Cardigans are usually knitted sweaters or jumpers that tie, zip or button down the front. James Brudenell, who was a British military commander serving in the Crimean War, was the 7th Earl of Cardigan, and this garment was […]

Why You Should Consider Scotland As A Winter Destination?

Read More About: Buy Cashmere Jackets Australia Buy Cashmere Jackets Online If you want a winter break for sunbathing and warmth, then Scotland is not the place for you. However, if that is the type of holiday you are looking for it probably wouldn’t be your choice mid summer either! If you would like to […]

Fall 2009: The Pros Go Retro With A Dash Of Flash}

Read More About: Buy Cashmere Cardigans Cashmere Cardigans Submitted by: Sarah Hathorn, AICI Fall 2009 arrives with styles reminiscent of the old Hollywood glamour of the 1940s. You will find looks similar to the essential pieces that Clark Gable and Spenser Tracy wore in vintage movies. While most of my male clients hate to shop […]

Tips On Sniping, Proxy Bids, And Proxy Services}

Read More About: Buy Cashmere Cardigans Cashmere Cardigans Submitted by: Pat Munro Getting that desirable item at an auction can be daunting at best. There are tricks that any experienced bidder knows and uses to get their bids to the winners circle. Its easiest to get a grasp of the way to win bids at […]