Maintain Smoothly Flowing Drains With Drain Cleaning Cedar Rapids Ia

byAlma Abell

There are many problems that can happen in, around or to your home and some of the worst have to deal with the plumbing. For instance a pipe can burst and leave water leaking all over the place or the sewers can back up and flood the home. The latter is probably the worst of all because the sewage can soak into the very materials the home is made from and require extensive repairs to fix the problem. Drain clogs occur for several reasons although those inside the smaller pipes are generally caused by the pipe traps becoming plugged with hair or pieces of food.


The larger drain pipes outside the home tend to clog with the solid waste that flushes through the drain. This happens over time as the waste slowly flows through the pipes. Because drain lines are slow the waste can sit at certain points. Plus, the waste is a soft material that snags on any debris in the pipes. This gunk is one reason that Drain Cleaning Cedar Rapids IA is so important. Sooner or later the waste in the pipes will cause a clog either from the raw sewage or any paper or other trash that gets flushed away.

Drain Cleaning Cedar Rapids IA typically requires removing the initial clog so the effluent flows out of the pipe. At this point a plumbing service such as Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning will apply a high pressure wash to clean the inside of the pipes. This wash works very much like the high pressure spray that you see in a car wash. Its flexible hose allows it to slide down the sewer lines and the pressurized spray of water scours the pipe walls.

Another useful service when cleaning the pipes is a video inspection. This is a video system that views your sewer lines from the inside. Not only can the plumber discern where any potential problems reside, but they can also tell if there are any other possible problems such as cracks or breaks in the pipes. A video inspection can save a lot of headache and future repairs by catching problems before they become too huge to handle. Visit website for more details.