Treadmill Independent Ratings How Does Your Model Compare?

Treadmill Independent Ratings – How Does Your Model Compare?


J Perez

In the world of exercise equipment, objective reviews are the most valuable. Treadmill independent ratings not only provide a third party assessment of each product, but also rank them accordingly. When you are in the market for a treadmill, such information offers insight that has not been tainted by incentives or commissions. Before you purchase a product, be sure to review a few treadmill independent ratings.

If you are buying a treadmill for the first time, you may not know what to look for. If you are unfamiliar with features and options available, you may not realize how valuable things like an automatic incline really are. With treadmill independent ratings, you are given the important information you need in an easy and understandable manner.

There are several review services online in which individuals are able to provide their opinions on a particular product. The problem with these sites is that, although they may provide some insight, they are usually incredibly one-sided and are typically being provided by a person that has limited experience in the area of exercise equipment. The outcome is very few postings regarding each machine and the postings they have usually exhibit extreme opinions, which may or may not be helpful.


Also on the internet are sites that sell treadmills and other exercise equipment that have an interest in selling the most expensive products, as they will profit more. Some of these sites may be inclined to provide reviews that are especially fond of more expensive models regardless of how these machines actually measure up. For this reason, independent third-party reviews and ratings tend to be more insightful and provide more guidance on which treadmills are more beneficial.

Luckily the internet is a great place to find independent ratings on treadmills. Treadmill Doctor, Treadmill Advisor, Epinions, and Consumer Reports each provide ratings on many of the popular treadmills available.

Treadmill Doctor is probably more of the most well known sources of information on treadmills. Started by two brothers in 1998, this company is based in Tennessee, but is known in a huge arena as being the best source for treadmill advice.

Treadmill Advisor is also a useful site as they provide a rating system for the most popular treadmills categorized by expense. This is particularly beneficial as they do not compare apples to oranges as to put the advanced versions against their economical counterparts.

One of the valuable features of Epinions is that in addition to reviewing and rating individual treadmills, they also provide evaluations on different stores that sell the products. Therefore, you can see how providers measure up in regard to customer support, service, and follow through.

Consumer Reports is one of the oldest and most well known sources of consumer reviews. Their evaluations are very precise and attempt to recreate the purchase and use exactly as an individual would experience it. For this reason, it is a very astute and beneficial for someone wishing to obtain the best opinions.

When purchasing a treadmill, it is imperative to do your research. You are better off reading through the available reviews and rating than being unhappy with your purchase down the road.

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